60 Photos of Lynda Carter Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | October 26, 2023

Carter, as Miss World USA, visits the National Naval Medical Center with Bob Hope and his troupe

Bursting onto television screens in 1975, Lynda Carter is best known today for her work on Wonder Woman, a television adaptation of DC's first female superhero comic book series. She quickly became a favorite with fans who enjoyed her earnest portrayal of the iconic character, putting her own twist on Wonder Woman's evolution through her work on the series. When the show ended in 1979, Carter moved on to make a name for herself in music, film and television, becoming famous for her elaborately produced, star-studded musical variety shows. 

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As the new Miss World USA, Carter was contracted to carry out a year-long series of nationwide engagements and media appearances, acting as a goodwill ambassador for the Miss World organization. Her duties included bringing awareness to charitable organizations, giving speeches promoting humanitarian causes, and supporting fundraising events. Each Miss World winner also has to choose a cause that is important to her to focus on as part of her duties. Carter chose the care of wounded veterans returning from the still running Vietnam War, one of the deadliest and most destructive conflicts of the 20th century.

Miss Piggy appears as Wonder Pig in a sassy homage to Carter's Wonder Woman 

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By the time Wonder Woman ended, Carter had already begun to make a name for herself in a diverse array of entertainment industry niches. She was well-liked, quickly earning a reputation for being a committed performer who was easy to work with. Her first television role after Wonder Woman ended was a guest spot on The Muppet Show, which aired on February 22, 1980. The Muppet Show had a regular viewership well into the millions across more than 100 countries. Carter's performance was nothing short of a triumph and won her a new fan base from around the world.