60 Photos of Lynda Carter Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | February 1, 2024

Carter didn't have to wait long to get her start in television, landing her first role in 1974.

Bursting onto television screens in 1975, Lynda Carter is best known today for her work on Wonder Woman, a television adaptation of DC's first female superhero comic book series. She quickly became a favorite with fans who enjoyed her earnest portrayal of the iconic character, putting her own twist on Wonder Woman's evolution through her work on the series. When the show ended in 1979, Carter moved on to make a name for herself in music, film and television, becoming famous for her elaborately produced, star-studded musical variety shows. 

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After spending most of 1973 carrying out her Miss World duties, Carter moved to New York. Finally ready to follow her dream, she enrolled in acting lessons at some of the most prestigious schools in the city. Along the way, she crossed paths with other young actors who would one day become big names in the industry, such as Lee Moonves, the future president of CBS. The acting lessons paid off pretty quickly. Carter landed her first role in 1974 on Nakia, a ground-breaking police procedural that centered around a Native American cop working in a small New Mexico city.

When Wonder Woman was syndicated in the early 2000s, Carter found a whole new fan base

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The start of the 2000s saw a resurgence of popular interest in first generation sci-fi and superhero television shows. It was also the golden age of cable, with hundreds of genre specific channels taking over the airwaves. Wonder Woman was syndicated on several of these competing networks, including Syfy, which even then boasted viewership numbers well into the millions. Dedicated science fiction and comic book fans were reintroduced to Lynda Carter, and they were hooked. The show quickly became a new cult classic, and Carter found herself in more demand than ever.