60 Photos of Lynda Carter Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | December 20, 2023

Carter's first professional gig came when she was 16 and started touring with The Relatives

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When she was just 16, Carter went on tour for the first time, joining her cousins' band, The Relatives. Their drummer was none other than Gary Burghoff, who would later gain worldwide fame for his role on M.A.S.H. Carter moved to Las Vegas with the band for three months, where they were booked as the opening act at Las Vegas' famous Sahara Hotel and Casino Lounge. Carter recalls having to surreptitiously make her way to the stage via the kitchen entrance so as not to break the rules against minors being in a casino. In 2016, Carter told the New York Times:

We were just a local band. I was doing some writing and plugging along, as every other girl who goes to L.A. does, and then I finally got Wonder Woman.

When Wonder Woman was syndicated in the early 2000s, Carter found a whole new fan base

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The start of the 2000s saw a resurgence of popular interest in first generation sci-fi and superhero television shows. It was also the golden age of cable, with hundreds of genre specific channels taking over the airwaves. Wonder Woman was syndicated on several of these competing networks, including Syfy, which even then boasted viewership numbers well into the millions. Dedicated science fiction and comic book fans were reintroduced to Lynda Carter, and they were hooked. The show quickly became a new cult classic, and Carter found herself in more demand than ever.