60 Nostalgic Photos 

By | November 28, 2017

All The Young Dudes - David Bowie with a different look back in 1970.

Who doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy when remembering the anticipation of Saturday morning cartoons? Or the love hate relationship you had with your waterbed? Or the special brand of crazy only daytime dramas could conjure up? Come explore fond memories with some of the greats of the groovy era.

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Here we have David Bowie, rocking yet another "different look" back in 1970. David Robert Jones grew up in London, England with his parents, and while his teachers said his voice didn’t particularly standout, he would grow up to be one of the most innovative and influential musicians in music history! He sang in choir, collaborated with his peers, enrolled himself in dance classes, and continued to be his awesome theatrical self which would eventually lead to his immense success. He would soon be widely known and appreciated for his unique musical talents and outrageous hairstyles, outfits and antics. 

Animal House, the 1978 hit comedy about a fraternity of misfits!

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This American comedy comprised of young and budding actors of the 70’s. This box office hit was based in the fictional American College Scene, directed by Kevin Bacon and featured actors such as John Belushi, Tim Matheson, John Vernon and Verna Bloom.

Now considered a classic, Animal House received pretty mixed reviews from critics upon its initial release. However, Time and Roger Ebert help boost its popularity by proclaiming it one of the year's best. Reviews aside, money talks and Animal House, which cost $2.8 million to make, turned around and grossed over $141 million, making it one of the most profitable movies in history.