60 Eerie Photos From Forgotten Moments In History

By Sarah Norman | August 4, 2023

Sioux girl with her doll, 1890.

There are stories from history that everyone thinks they know inside and out, but as these photos show there’s always more than one way to look at something or someone. Just because the Queen of England looks stodgy right now doesn’t mean that she wasn’t playful in the 1950s, and even though we think of the Great Depression as being a real drag, there were people who knew how to pass the time in interesting ways.

Whether you’re curious about forgotten wars, abandoned buildings, or animals from the late 19th century, we’ve got something here for you. Relax and get ready to learn about forgotten pieces of history, read on!

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Even though they were displaced long before the end of the 19th century, by 1890 the Sioux Nation had yet to face their worst indignity. Over the course of their existence the Sioux were split into being the Dakota and the Lakota, and on December 29, 1890, the 7th Cavalry Regiment surrounded the Lakota in order to force them to move to Omaha, Nebraska.

The Lakota didn’t want to leave Wounded Knee Creek, so the 7th Calvary fired on them until 150 of the Lakota Sioux were dead. After burying the men, women, and children in a mass grave the 9th Calvary moved onto a nearby reservation in order to watch over the remaining Sioux. 

In 1931, Mary Smith earned six pence a week in east London by shooting a pea into the windows of the sleeping workers. Knocker-uppers also used long bamboo sticks, batons and canes to rouse residents of the upper floors.

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How much would you pay someone to wake up in the morning? Beginning in the 18th century and stretching all the way to the early 20th century, workers paid human alarm clocks to wake them up in various ways. Mary Smith made her bones shooting peas into the windows of workers, and people called knocker uppers would literally bang on the windows of their clients.

In order to have a knocker upper wake you up you could do one of two things: put a note on your door saying when you wanted to be woken up, or reach out to the knocker upper in person and let them know when to bang on your window. Thank goodness someone invented the alarm clock.