60 Eerie Photos From Forgotten Moments In History

By Sarah Norman | June 16, 2023

In 1997, Tom Petty took this picture at Jim Morrison's grave site, which shows Jim's ghostly image in the background.

There are stories from history that everyone thinks they know inside and out, but as these photos show there’s always more than one way to look at something or someone. Just because the Queen of England looks stodgy right now doesn’t mean that she wasn’t playful in the 1950s, and even though we think of the Great Depression as being a real drag, there were people who knew how to pass the time in interesting ways.

Whether you’re curious about forgotten wars, abandoned buildings, or animals from the late 19th century, we’ve got something here for you. Relax and get ready to learn about forgotten pieces of history, read on!

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Source: Reddit

Who better to capture the spirit of rock god Jim Morrison than the leader of the Heartbreakers himself, Tom Petty? In 1997 Tom Petty snapped a quick pic of rock historian Brett Meisner while hanging out in front of Morrison’s final resting place in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in France. Prior to his death Mesiner claims that he didn’t even notice the ghostly presence until 2002.

Meisner said that he continued to experience paranormal activity following the taking of the photo, most of it bad. He said, “At first it was sort of interesting to see how many people felt a spiritual bond with Jim and the photo, but now the whole vibe seems negative.”

Santa Claus costume from the early 1900s.

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Source: Reddit

AH! No thank you! So it turns out that Santa Claus wasn’t always the cherubic figure that we know and love. It seems in that at one point Santa Claus was actually some kind of paper mache demon. Imagine seeing this creature coming down your chimney in the middle of the night, even if he said that he was just popping in to bring you presents you wouldn’t believe him.

All jokes aside, people were just scraping by in the early 20th century and the fact that this fellow could put together a Santa costume is laudable, even if it’s terrifying.