60 Bizarre Photos And The Chilling Stories Behind Them


Fashionable ladies in France, 1908. 😘

Many photos of the past present everything prior to the modern era as stoic and well mannered. The photos collected here turn that concept on its head by showing some of the more candid moments from history that didn’t make it into the history books. Each new picture offers you the opportunity to see something real from the past rather than an oversaturated moment that’s been talked about ad nauseam.

This trip through the most intriguing moments in history will take you behind the scenes of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, one of JFK’s pre-presidency vacations, and you’ll even get to see how Kiss rocker Gene Simmons is around kids. Prepare for adventure behind the scenes of history.

source: pinterest

France has always been the focal point of fashion, and in the early 20th century the country was definitely flexing its style muscles with this gorgeous outfits. The early 1900s were known as the Belle Epoch (the beautiful era) and every gal had an eye for being the most opulent creature to walk along the Siene.

During this time women wore a dense amount of frills, bustles, and any other kind of adornment that would put their outfit over the top and make them the most noticeable person in France. In order to get such extravagant outfits women traveled to Paris during March and September in order to find the perfect outfits in the city’s many shops.