58 Vintage Photos


Lynda Carter looking groovy with her flared jeans just relaxing in the '70s.

The unkempt grace of a classic photo, be it a candid shot or a still production image, gives an insight into the life of a star that can’t be gleaned from an interview or behind the scenes footage. Photos have a way of making a moment feel intimate, even if it’s being used to promote a hot new single.

The following photos are from different eras, and they’re made up of different styles and stock, but each one of them gives you a look inside the lives of someone that you’ve only seen from the other side of a screen. Regardless of which decade you prefer, the 60s, 70s or 80s, there's something on here that'll take you back to a simpler time, if only for a moment. 

Source: Reddit

A Wonder Woman indeed, Lynda Carter spent the late 70s plastered across televisions as the greatest DC hero, but prior to that she popped up on shows ranging from “Starsky and Hutch” to “A Matter of Wife… and Death” - which is the craziest title for a TV show ever. Unlike a lot of 70s bombshells, Carter never went away. But back to the 70s, let’s take a minute to appreciate those glorious curls and those killer bell bottoms. Can we bring that back ASAP?