57 Wild And Wonderful Late-Night Talk Show Moments

Uncategorized | August 2, 2018

Johnny Carson Seemed Surprised When Actress Adrienne Barbeau Used the Phrase "My Multiple Lovers" 

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When actress Adrienne Barbeau joined Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, it was December 12, 1974, a few weeks before Christmas. Carson naturally asked the co-star of television’s Maud about giving and receiving Christmas gifts. Barbeau confessed that her multiple lovers always gifted her with odd presents…a fire extinguisher, a set of encyclopedias, and car repair items. Carson ignored the strange gift items and instead, questioned the sultry brunette about her multiple lovers, coyly prefacing his questions with, “It’s none of my business but…”. To her credit, Barbeau was equally coy and discreet, refusing to name names.

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