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Betty Brosmer was the highest paid supermodel of the 1950s and won more than 50 beauty contests before the age of 20 yrs. Her measurements were 38-18-36. 

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Talk about some crazy, unnatural measurements. Betty Brosmer was a bodybuilder, fitness instructor, and pinup model. In fact, if you watch the 1967 movie, The Dirty Dozen, pin-ups of Brosmer can be seen on the walls of the MP barrack - that's how big of a star she was back in the day.

Bromer's other claim to fame was that in 1961, she married bodybuilder, Joe Weider, and began a career as a spokesperson and trainer in the budding health and fitness industry. She coauthored several books on the subject and, along with her husband, helped to generate the American fitness craze.

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