50 Most Groovy Cars Of All Time (Some Worth Millions Today)

By Sarah Norman | August 7, 2023

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Rock and roll and cars go hand in hand. Why do you think so many rock stars crash their cars or buy the craziest, most garish automobiles they can find? Whether you’re a lover of the British Invasion or you prefer the American shredders who followed, these stories of rock n roll cars will give you something to dream about all day.

Do you know the one about Keith Moon driving his Rolls-Royce into a pool? That totally happened - sort of. How about the time Grace Slick slammed her Aston Martin into a bridge going 80 mph? We’ve got enough pics of rock n roll cars and stars to keep you throwing up the horns all day. Now put the pedal to the metal and rock on! 

Baby You Can Drive Paul McCartney's Aston Martin For A Cool $1.82 Mil

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In the 1960s it was illegal for a member of rock band to drive a lame car, and you’d better believe that every member of The Beatles ripped through merry ol’ England in rides befitting their stature as proto rock gods. While John Lennon drove a psychedelic Rolls-Royce, McCartney’s taste leaned towards something more classic. Throughout his tenure in the Fab Four he owned a few different Aston Martins, but his 1964 DB5 is the one that’s worth all the marbles.

The car was built to his specifications and features a record player in the dashboard - which still works by the way. Before the sell the car was completely overhauled and restored to working order.