50 Declassified Government Photos That Reveal Truths About The 1960s

By | August 31, 2022

History books have one story to tell, but have you ever wondered if there's more to the well known tales that we learn in school? Each year, photos and files are declassified by governments across the world that prove that there's more to history than what you've been taught. The following photos have been recently declassified and colorized... they'll change how you see history forever.

The following chilling declassified photos from history may not be suitable for all eyes. The colorization process will help you feel like you're in the middle of a true conspiracy theory... just make sure you know how to find your way out.

If you're looking through the history books for the following stories and colorized photos you're not going to find them. Look closer to find out how history really played out... 

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The Flying Tigers, World War II ✈ ✈ source: national archives

During World War II a mysterious, multinational group of pilots were christened the Flying Tigers before the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The volunteer group was made up of pilots from each branch of the U.S. military who flew in Curtis P-40B Warhawks adorned with Chinese colors. It was strange to see a group like this before America entered World War II.

The members of the Flying Tigers may have been military, but they weren't an official American squardon. Instead, they were members of the Republic China Air Force and were given contracts that ranged from $250 a month to $750 a month. The group was disbabed on July 4, 1942. Their records are still intact.

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source: wikipedia

Not only did the hyperinflation crisis lead to extreme poverty, but it also caused a kind of mass hysteria known as zero, or cipher stroke. People suffering from this peculiar mental disorder had a strange need to write an infinite stream of zeroes. It's theorized that this was simply a way for people to process the horrible situation.