50 Chilling Unsolved Mysteries Of The 1970s 

By Sarah Norman | May 10, 2023

The Bigfoot Killer only targeted ladies of the night

The 1970s were full of glorious parties at Studio 54 and post Vietnam celebrations, but it was also a decade full of chilling crimes that remain unsolved to this day. From gruesome murders to raucous heists and supernatural sightings, the mysteries chronicled here will leave you scratching your head and wondering exactly what happened in each of these stories.

Many of these stories are too upsetting for younger readers, so keep younger eyes shielded from the gruesome stuff. Keep in mind that many of these unsolved mysteries are cases that remain open, if you or someone you know can shine a light on these eerie crimes from the '70s don't be afraid to reach out... you could change everything.

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One of the most inhuman killers was operating out of the Detroit area between February and October 1975. In that time seven young women, all living on low wages or working on the street were raped and murdered in the Cass Corridor neighborhood. Witnesses state that the killer drove a beige Oldsmobile and offered his victims $15 in exchange for sexual services before threatening the women with a knife before having his way with them and strangling them.

The unknown assailant became known as "Bigfoot" because of his immense stature. Even with all of this information available to the public only one suspect was ever named in the case, 29-year-old Carl Mayweather Jr., who was arrested in 1976 following an attempted rape of a woman. Even though his M.O. was similar to that of the Bigfoot Killer he had a solid alibi and no further charges were pressed. The case remains unsolved to this day.

Everyone at the Brodhaven Primary School saw a huge flying saucer

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On February 4, 1977, a yellow cigar-shaped craft allegedly landed next to the Brodhaven Primary School. A class of 14 students claimed to observe the craft's landing as well as a silver creature moving about the ship. On February 17 of the same year teachers at the school claimed to have seen the exact same UFO making the rounds of the school. If that was all that happened we'd still be fascinated, but two months later the proprietor of the Haven Fort Hotel in Little Haven alleged that he noticed an "upside down saucer" in a nearby field and two humanoid creatures were piloting the crazy, mixed up ship. To this day no one has been able to prove or disprove these sightings, but pinning the claims on a prankster seems a bit light.