50 Chilling Unsolved Mysteries Of The 1970s

By | October 25, 2022

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The 1970s were full of glorious parties at Studio 54 and post Vietnam celebrations, but it was also a decade full of chilling crimes that remain unsolved to this day. From gruesome murders to raucous heists and supernatural sightings, the mysteries chronicled here will leave you scratching your head and wondering exactly what happened in each of these stories.

Many of these stories are too upsetting for younger readers, so keep younger eyes shielded from the gruesome stuff. Keep in mind that many of these unsolved mysteries are cases that remain open, if you or someone you know can shine a light on these eerie crimes from the '70s don't be afraid to reach out... you could change everything.

 D.B. Cooper jumped out of a plane with a ton of cold, hard cash

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One the most enduring mysteries of the 1970s is the hijacking of a Boeing 727 on November 24, 1971, by an unknown man only known as D.B. Cooper. While on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, Cooper told the flight attendant that he was armed with a bomb before demanding $200,000 in ransom. After receiving the money in Seattle, Cooper instructed the pilot to fly to Mexico before parachuting over southwestern Washington. He was never identified, and only a small amount of the ransom money has ever been found.