45 Rarely Seen Nostalgic Photos From The 1970s


Unedited photo of Jamie Lee Curtis and her ageless mother Janet Leigh at Studio 54...details of her visits to the hedonistic club are reserved for mature audiences only 😈🕺

Photos from the 1970s just have a certain vibe that you can’t ignore. You can almost feel the good times flowing off of them and you definitely don’t want to look away. These beautiful pictures from the 1970s show us how different the world really was only a few decades ago. Beautiful pictures like these can change your perspective for the better… especially if you’re seeing them for the first time.

Each of these photos has a little secret something that you’ll miss if you don’t look closely. What looks like a simple photo of Lynda Carter actually has much more than meets the eye… you just have to know where to look.

You’ll want to take a long look at these beautiful photos from the 1970s. Just remember that they’re for your eyes only…

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It has to be strange to be the child of a celebrity, even more so when you’re a celebrity yourself. When Jamie Lee Curtis was coming into her own in the 1970s and ‘80s she managed to forge a friendship with her mother, probably because they were both in the very unique position of being super famous for starring in groundbreaking horror movies. Speaking thoughtfully about her mother after she passed away, Jamie Lee Curtis put things succinctly:

Janet Leigh is a made-up person and she did great, but Jeanette Helen is who I knew. I called her Jeanette Helen.