45 Eerie Photos Captured Behind-The-Scenes

By Sarah Norman | October 29, 2023

The Face Of Michael Myers In 'Halloween' Is William Shatner

A peek behind the scenes or an untold story can reveal so much more about our favorite shows and movies. Why did Mary Tyler Moore wear that silly wig on her new show, and who were those Hanson brothers in Slap Shot? These are the mysteries of the screen (big and small) that stay with us for years, seemingly never to be solved. But there are explanations and anecdotes -- everything has some backstory or secret origin. What was in the bottle before Barbara Eden (Jeannie) moved in? What's George Harrison doing in that Monty Python movie? And what is up with the mask that Michael Myers wears -- is it really a Star Trek thing? Take a moment to dig deeper, and you might find the fact or tale that makes you enjoy a series or film even more.

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The horror movie Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, was a low-budget affair, costing just $300,000 to make. The actor who played killer Michael Myers, Nick Castle, was Carpenter’s film school friend and was only paid $25 per day. Jamie Lee Curtis was reportedly only paid $8,000, and bought her wardrobe for under $100 from JC Penney.

But the most famous bit of movie magic -- the mask worn by killer Michael Myers -- is truly among the most legendary low-budget shortcuts. It was actually a Captain Kirk mask -- yes, in its original form it was supposed to make the wearer look something like William Shatner -- and it cost just $1.29. Carpenter painted it white, and liked it because of its blank stare.

His Herman Munster Getup Made Fred Gwynne Sweat Like Crazy

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You didn't just stroll on to the Munsters set and shoot your scenes -- hours of makeup application, for the cast members, was required for each episode. Herman Munster’s costume was extremely bulky and unbearably hot. In order to keep him cool enough for his health and comfort… and to keep his heavy makeup from melting, a stagehand would use an air compressor to shoot cool air into his costume in between scenes. Despite all of their efforts, the actor consistently lost weight due to excessive sweating. 

Actress Yvonne De Carlo had her own hot-and-heavy struggle: her wig reportedly weighed about 20 pounds. Her transformation to Lily Munster required two hours in the makeup chair, and the results were horrifying -- to her, at least. The first time she saw herself made up as Lily, the veteran actress broke down crying, asking "So it's come to this?" The shock wore off, though, and over time, she came to understand the show better, and to love it.