30 Vintage Candid Photos of Rockstars Living in Laurel Canyon

By Sarah Norman | June 27, 2023

Everything started with The Byrds

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Echo in the Canyon director Andrew Slater explains that when The Byrds started scoring hits on the radio everyone wanted to capture that west coast sound:

The Byrds had a hit song, and the music business shifted from New York to LA and people came here in search of that dream. In New York, the rigidity of the folk scene maybe never would have given birth to the electrification of folk music, but California represents a sense of freedom. And I think in that way, when Roger McGuinn [from The Byrds] picks up the Rickenbacker twelve-string and electrifies folk music and has a hit with that, it's the first time songs of poetic depth and grace become hit songs and inspires people to write differently. And it also inspires them to come to the place where that music is being made.

Neil Young left the scene because he found it stifling

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Neil Young got out of Laurel Canyon and Buffalo Springfield at the same because the area was getting too claustrophobic. He said:

Well, we didn’t achieve anywhere near the success that we expected or wished to. It’s hard enough to live with yourself when you consider what you’ve done a failure. Living with four other guys is even harder.