30 Vintage Candid Photos of Rockstars Living in Laurel Canyon

By | June 20, 2023

Neil Young left the scene because he found it stifling

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Neil Young got out of Laurel Canyon and Buffalo Springfield at the same because the area was getting too claustrophobic. He said:

Well, we didn’t achieve anywhere near the success that we expected or wished to. It’s hard enough to live with yourself when you consider what you’ve done a failure. Living with four other guys is even harder.

Everyone Loved Partying With The Monkees

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The Monkees, 1967. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though they’re remembered as a TV band, The Monkees were actually an integral part of the Laurel Canyon scene (and they have no less than five excellent tunes). During the band’s meteoric rise, Peter Tork lived with Stephen Stills of CSN, near the home where Monkees drummer Mickey Dolenz lived. Both pads were full-on party houses throughout the height of their fame. According to Dolenz’s ex-wife, a party with Peter Tork meant that everyone was naked, especially Tork.

Dolenz told ABC that parties at his place would start out on a Friday night “as a little cocktail party with some food and then on Monday morning people would still be walking around naked and falling into the pool.”