30 Rare Photos Of Stevie Nicks That Show Another Side Of The Dreamy Fleetwood Mac Singer


The Solo Rock Goddess Likes Being A Team Player

Stevie Nicks was the whole package, from day one: The mystique, the voice, the songwriting, the style, the beauty. Solo stardom seemed inevitable -- did she really ever need to be in a group? According to Stevie, being in a band and sharing the spotlight is plenty rewarding. She told Classic Rock Magazine:

From the very beginning, when I was seventeen, I wanted to be in a band. When you’re in a band you’re a team. When I’m in solo work, I’m the boss. I have gone back and forth about it in my head. I’ve decided I do like being the boss, but I’ve been in Fleetwood Mac for so long I understand how to not be the boss and be part of a team and a team player and it’s okay. Part of it knocks your ego down, makes you humble. So there’s a lot of good things about being in a band.