30 Rare Photos Of Stevie Nicks That Show Another Side Of The Dreamy Fleetwood Mac Singer

By Sarah Norman | May 22, 2023

The Solo Rock Goddess Likes Being A Team Player

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Stevie Nicks was the whole package, from day one: The mystique, the voice, the songwriting, the style, the beauty. Solo stardom seemed inevitable -- did she really ever need to be in a group? According to Stevie, being in a band and sharing the spotlight is plenty rewarding. She told Classic Rock Magazine:

From the very beginning, when I was seventeen, I wanted to be in a band. When you’re in a band you’re a team. When I’m in solo work, I’m the boss. I have gone back and forth about it in my head. I’ve decided I do like being the boss, but I’ve been in Fleetwood Mac for so long I understand how to not be the boss and be part of a team and a team player and it’s okay. Part of it knocks your ego down, makes you humble. So there’s a lot of good things about being in a band.

Stevie Nicks Was The 'Gold Dust Woman'

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source: reddit

The way Nicks sang "Gold Dust Woman" on the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album Rumours was impressive. The take that made the album was reportedly recorded a 4:00 am after a grueling studio recording session trying to get it right. During the recording, Nicks had wrapped a black scarf around her head in an attempt to get into character with her real emotions. This song has included an electric harpsichord and sound effects of broken glass to accentuate Nicks’ vocals. Mick Fleetwood said that he used a hammer to break the glass and had to wear goggles and coveralls to protect himself from the flying shards.

The "gold dust" mentioned in the lyrics was cocaine, a drug that Nicks was starting to take, and would later become seriously addicted to.