20 Unsettling Facts About The UFO That Terrorized Gulf Breeze Florida

By Sarah Norman | January 10, 2024

Ed's Wife Saw The Craft a Few Months After He Did

In the late 1980s, the small town of Gulf Breeze, Florida, became the epicenter of a series of strange and unexplained sightings. People reported seeing strange lights and UFOs in the sky, with a contractor named Ed Walters directly in the middle of the action. These sightings quickly gained national attention, and the Gulf Breeze UFO incident became one of the most well-known and controversial cases of its kind.

This story of extraterrestrial intrigue has it all: aliens, hypnosis, photographic evidence, and even a couple of bumbling UFO hunters.

But what really happened in Gulf Breeze, and is there any truth to the claims made by Walters? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Gulf Breeze UFO incident and examine the evidence surrounding it. So, if you're curious about the mysterious world of UFO sightings and want to learn more about this fascinating case, keep reading.

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On December 2, 1987, Walters was validated in his efforts to convince his wife that the UFO was real and not just something in his head. That evening he woke in a fit around 3am to the sound of a male and a female extraterrestrial speaking to one another, he could hear their conversation in his head but knew that they couldn't hear him. It was clear that the UFO was on its way to his home. Rather than lie in bed and wait, Walters and his wife army crawled out of their bedroom where Ed grabbed a handgun and his trusty Polaroid.

As the UFO appeared over the family pool, Walters snuck outside where he snapped another photo of the craft and made his way back inside to the safety of his home. After the UFO disappeared from the sky that night Ed and Frances stayed up talking about how to move forward.

Ed Walter Was a Normal Guy Until He Witnessed the Unexplainable

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Ed Walters, a local contractor and family man, allegedly began a long, strange encounter with beings from another world on November 11, 1987, in Gulf Breeze, Florida, a suburb of Pensacola. Walters claims that on that evening he was immobilized "briefly by a blue beam" before snapping five Polaroid photos of a large UFO as it left the area. He later stated that the craft that was floating outside his bedroom window was about 200 feet off the ground, something that he said was "right out of a [Steven] Spielberg movie. This single interaction was the starting point for one of the most contentious encounters with extraterrestrials of the 20th century.