20 Things You Never Knew About The Alien Entity West Virginians Call The Flatwoods Monster

By Sarah Norman | June 27, 2023

You Can Own A Piece Of Flatwoods Monster History

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(Charleston Gazette)

Feast your eyes on this charming ceramic lantern, first crafted by the Braxton County Junior Chamber of Commerce way back in the 1960s as a fundraising initiative. An enduring novelty keepsake commemorating the mysterious Fisher's Farm encounter, this adorable cryptid lantern is a true collector's item that continues to be produced today. Lovingly handcrafted in Marietta, Ohio by a skilled ceramic artisan, local Braxton County resident John Gibson ensures that every lantern is meticulously hand-molded, fired, and painted, making each one a unique treasure to cherish. Pick up your Braxxie Lantern online or at the Flatwoods Monster Museum today!

The Flatwoods Monster has Its Own Convention

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 Need even more Flatwoods Monster? Well, you're in luck. In September, Braxton County holds an Annual Flatwoods Monster Convention, advertised as below:

"An out of this world experience, featuring world renowned speakers, remote broadcasting podcasters, amazing vendors, costume contests, and more! Event to be held at the Days Inn and Suites in Flatwoods, West Virginia!"

Sounds like a rockin' good time!