20 Things You Never Knew About The Alien Entity West Virginians Call The Flatwoods Monster

By Sarah Norman | June 20, 2023

It prompted a U.S. Air Force UFO inquiry

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(National Archives)

While the primary goal of Project Blue Book was to study UFO sightings, its investigators also ventured into the territory of alleged extraterrestrial encounters, seeking to identify credible cases and debunk hoaxes. Astrophysicist Dr. J Allen Hynek and his fellow investigators delved into the chilling case, analyzing witness accounts and piecing together the evidence surrounding the Flatwoods incident.

It's Just One Of Many West Virginia Cryptids

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West Virginia isn't just the home of the Flatwoods Monster! This wild and weird place is supposedly the stomping grounds of a surprising number of cryptids, including the infamous Mothman, photographed here. The Mothman, a large, humanoid bird creature with glowing red eyes, has been spotted since 1966 and is said to be a harbinger of doo, as its first appearances were connected with the Silver Bridge Collapse in 1967. Another well-known local cryptid is Sheepsquatch, a white, shaggy-furred monster first seen on Morgan's Ridge in 1939. Then there's the Grafton Monster, a huge, chunky behemoth spotted in the 60's that many thought to be an escaped lab experiment. Along with these cryptozoological icons, if you travel to West Virginia you might spot Ogua (a two-headed river monster), Batboy (a subterranean fanged child) or Veggie Man (A thin, alien creature with suction cup fingers).