20 Things You Never Knew About The Alien Entity West Virginians Call The Flatwoods Monster

By Sarah Norman | December 7, 2023

The Flatwoods Monster Hails From West Virginia

Welcome to West Virginia, cryptid lovers and UFO enthusiasts! Today we're traveling to the once-sleepy town of Flatwoods for a look into the lore of its resident otherworldly beast. Described as an alien creature with glowing eyes, metallic garb, and a penchant for lurking in the shadows, the Flatwoods Monster has inspired countless tales and investigations. So, buckle up as we journey into the mystifying realm of the unknown, where the lines between fact and folklore blur, and we explore the eerie legacy of the Flatwoods Monster together!

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(Flatwoods Monster Museum)

The most famous sighting of The Flatwoods Monster took place on September 12, 1952, in Braxton County, WV. A group of boys (Edward May, Freddie May, Neal Nunley, Tommy Hyer) was playing football outside when their eyes were drawn to a fiery streak in the sky. Accompanied by Edward and Freddie's mother, Kathleen May, and a National Guardsman, Eugene 'Gene' Lemon, they decided to investigate. As they advanced on Fisher's Farm, they were confronted by a pulsing red light, and then - a creature measuring at least 10 feet tall, with a blood-red, heart-shaped face, piercing, glowing eyes, and a bizarre hood-like structure encircling its grotesque visage. Its body was shrouded in a dark, metallic exoskeleton, with spindly, clawed arms outstretched menacingly. The creature hissed, glided towards the group, and they ran. The encounter was reported to authorities, who searched the area that night but found nothing. 

The Flatwoods Monster has Its Own Convention

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 Need even more Flatwoods Monster? Well, you're in luck. In September, Braxton County holds an Annual Flatwoods Monster Convention, advertised as below:

"An out of this world experience, featuring world renowned speakers, remote broadcasting podcasters, amazing vendors, costume contests, and more! Event to be held at the Days Inn and Suites in Flatwoods, West Virginia!"

Sounds like a rockin' good time!