20 Things You Never Knew About The Alien Entity West Virginians Call The Flatwoods Monster

By Sarah Norman | December 21, 2023

A Reporter Claimed To Find Evidence At The Encounter Site 

Welcome to West Virginia, cryptid lovers and UFO enthusiasts! Today we're traveling to the once-sleepy town of Flatwoods for a look into the lore of its resident otherworldly beast. Described as an alien creature with glowing eyes, metallic garb, and a penchant for lurking in the shadows, the Flatwoods Monster has inspired countless tales and investigations. So, buckle up as we journey into the mystifying realm of the unknown, where the lines between fact and folklore blur, and we explore the eerie legacy of the Flatwoods Monster together!

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Among the lesser-known facts, one intriguing detail is that a tenacious reporter once claimed to discover compelling evidence at the encounter site. 

Reporter A. Lee Stewart of the Braxton Democrat decided to check out the encounter site for evidence, finding the eyewitness accounts persuasive: 

 “Those people were the most scared people I’ve ever seen. People don’t make up that kind of story that quickly,”

Local authorities weren't so quick to share Stewart's opinions, according to the papers:

        “State police laughed off the reports as hysteria...They said the so-called Monster had grown from seven to 17                 feet in just 24 hours.”

At Fisher's Farm, Stewart claimed to find "skid marks" and an "odd gummy deposit", although authorities said there was nothing to see at the site. 

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Want to learn more about your favorite green monster? The T.V. Series Project Blue Book, running for two seasons, is based off the U.S. Air Force UFO Investigation of the same name. Episode 2 combines fact, fiction and folklore about the Flatwoods Monster into an entertaining and educational episode that any UFO enthusiast will enjoy. Additionally, The 2018 documentary The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear, delves deep into the 1952 incidents and their aftermath.