20 Chilling Facts You Never Knew About The Unsettling Alien Abduction Of Barney And Betty Hill

By Sarah Norman | December 18, 2023

The Hills didn't know what it was, but something was wrong

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After a couple hours of sleep, Betty woke and placed all of the clothing that she was wearing during the drive in her closet. She noted that there were tears in the dress, and that the zipper and hem were ripped. Later, she threw the dress away before digging it out of the trash and saving it to have it analyzed.

The Hills checked the trunk and noticed shiny, concentric circles that hadn't been there one day before. The couple then used a compass and placed it near the spots on the car where the compass went absolutely bananas. It was clear that something was off, but what?

Nightmares and dreamscapes

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A little over a week after their alleged UFO encounter, Betty experienced a series of dreams that continued for five successive nights. At the end of the five night run Betty's vivid dreams came to an abrupt end. She mentioned the dreams to Barney, but when he was unconcerned she dropped the matter, but she was privately concerned.

In November Betty wrote down the details of her dreams, noting that in one of them the car surrounded by men and she passed out while Barney fought to get control of their vehicle.