20 Chilling Facts You Never Knew About The Unsettling Alien Abduction Of Barney And Betty Hill

By Sarah Norman | June 9, 2023

The UFO tore across the sky

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While driving down the twisted stretch of isolated road the Hills realized that the UFO was on a similar course. The craft passed over a restaurant, a signal tower, and a mountain range. Betty claims that the craft was about one and a half times the length of the granite cliff profile of Cannon Mountain, and that the ship was rotating silently while moving around the sky.

No souvenirs in space

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After the examination Betty spoke with a humanoid which she describes as "the leader," a creature who seemed to be in charge who was open about their time in space and who offered some items in the ship as knick knacks for her time in the ship. When she asked where they came from the leader found an instruction map dotted with stars and pointed out his home planet to her.

When everything was said and done a group humanoids escorted the Hills from the ship and broke out into an argument over the book that Betty wanted to take home. Chastised for wanting to take home a commemorative object from her abduction, Betty insisted that she would remember the events regardless of what happened to their memory. When the Hills were returned to their car the leader suggested they watch the craft depart. After doing so the Hills resumed their trip home.