20 Chilling Facts You Never Knew About The Frightening Alien Abduction Of Charles Hickson And Calvin Parker

By Sarah Norman | May 24, 2023

Hickson Welcomed His Newfound Fame

In the early hours of October 11th, 1973, two fishermen, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, reported a bizarre and terrifying encounter that would shake the sleepy town of Pascagoula, Mississippi, and captivate the world for decades to come. The duo claimed that they were abducted by extraterrestrial beings while fishing along the banks of the Pascagoula River. The case, known as the Pascagoula Abduction, gained widespread attention and sparked debates about the existence of intelligent life beyond our planet. Join us as we delve into the details of this chilling incident and explore the enduring legacy of the Pascagoula Abduction. Don't miss out on this riveting tale. Keep reading to find out more.

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Charles Hickson, who was 42 years old at the time of the 1973 Pascagoula Abduction, was a prominent figure in the local community. As such, he was more equipped to handle the intense media scrutiny that followed the incident. Hickson openly discussed his experience with anyone who would listen, and even made appearances on popular television talk shows such as Johnny Carson and The Cavett Show. In 1983, he published UFO Contact at Pascagoula, a book detailing the details of the alleged alien encounter.

The Men Agreed Not To Tell Anyone About The Event But They Quickly Changed Their Tune

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Speeding away from the sight of the abduction in Parker's Plymouth, the men made a pact to stay silent about the UFO. Hickson knew that whoever they told would see them as crazy, but as he settled down on the drive home he thought better of himself and decided to call the Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi. Whomever Hickson spoke to at the base shut him down immediately and said that he should call his local sheriff's department. That's when Captain Glenn Ryder was looped in. Ryder recalls:

He said, 'I want to tell you something, but you've got to promise not to laugh,' I was about to get off work, so it kinda aggravated me. I said, 'If you want to tell me something, then tell me.' He asked me again to promise not to laugh, so I promised. He said, 'I just got picked up by a UFO.' And, of course, I busted out laughing. He got real upset, so I apologized and told him to go ahead with his story. I could tell he was serious.

Hickson and Parker made their way to the sheriff's office where they did their best to keep it together while they endured questioning about the event.