1968: Expansion of Major League Baseball

National League President Harry C. Pulliam and the 8 NL teams (1907). (wikimedia)

America’s original pastime, baseball, dates way back to 1846. As with America, over 150 years the game has changed and gone through many different “eras.” From the days of “Whites only” to the “Dead Ball Era” then the “Live Ball Era” before the “Expansion Era” and the much-discussed “Steroid Era.” Each stretch of time represents various changes within the sport and attempts at keeping the game relatively the same over several centuries. Many of these eras also mirrored the zeitgeist of society.

For example, the “Integration Era” obviously followed the fraught integration of America, as Black players and other minorities took their rightful place alongside whites. The “Expansion Era” on the other hand, follows greedy owners fleeing for more lucrative cities and baseball the sport’s attempt to keep relative balance.