1964 World's Fair Pavilions: Where Are They Now?

New York State pavilion during the World's Fair, Queens, New York, April 1964 (Photo by George Silk/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

The 1964 World's Fair, held in Queens, New York, was a showcase of mid-century optimism. Its famous pavilions touted a bright future of science, technology, convenience and style with wonders including a video phone from Bell Labs, a jet pack and the 1965 Ford Mustang. The pavilions themselves were stunning; General Motors and Coca-Cola summoned architectural visions out of The Jetsons, while other brands went with the obvious crowd pleasers: U.S. Rubber offered an 80-foot ferris wheel disguised as a giant tire, Sinclair hosted a display of life-sized dinosaurs, Austria built a ski lodge suspended from A-frame supports.

What happened to these structures after the fair came to an end in October 1965? A few of them stayed put, others were simply demolished, and still others were transported elsewhere and repurposed.