1960s Life Vs. Today: Numbers That Will Astound You

By | September 17, 2019

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Vintage 1960 Wedding Family Portrait. Source: (Getty/steinphoto)

What do we do differently now than we did 50 years ago? A look at the numbers and statistics tells us we're loosening up the customs and rules of the family, and we're loosening our belts too as we become ever fatter. We have better medicine and we spend more time in our cars. Some of the differences are stark, even shocking. Here's a look, by the numbers, at the differences in how we lived our lives in the '60s and today.

People Have Gotten Bigger

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Source: (brookings.edu)

In 2015, the average American woman weighed 166.2 pounds which is a gain of 18.5% since 1960. Men have also gained weight, increasing in weight by about 17.6%, from 166.3 pounds to 195.5 pounds. The average woman today weighs about as much as the average man from the 1960s. While some of that weight gain can be attributed to the fact that Americans have gained about an inch in height, a lot of it may be due to eating and exercise habits.