This 1950s High School Girl's Purse Was Found In Ohio, Became A Time Capsule

By | March 24, 2020

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Source: North Canton City Schools Facebook

Patti Rumfola's purse, found behind a locker at North Canton Middle School in Ohio wasn't just a purse -- it was an accidental time capsule. Rumfola graduated from North Canton's Hoover High School in 1960, and the purse was lost a couple of years earlier, when she was a sophomore. It was full of ticket stubs, makeup, school supplies, chewing gum, and photos of friends and family. Her belongings provide insight into the daily life of a high school student on the precipice of a new decade. The contents of Patti’s purse aren’t just pieces of ephemera, they’re a way to look back at a time that’s lost to us forever in a physical sense. This purse is a piece of that past that you can reach out and touch.

An Archie comics drawing

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source: Fox

We don’t know if Rumfola was a budding artist or just bored in class, but she definitely read Life With Archie and enjoyed passing the time by drawing high school principal Mr. Weatherbee. Archie comics had been around for a while, but the late '50s was when the comic book institution began featuring longer stories. They were full of wholesome love triangles, malt shoppes, and sock hops - just the kind of things that a high school sophomore could relate to.