10 Things you Didn't Know About The Time Jimmy Carter Saw A UFO In 1969

By | September 7, 2022

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Long before Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States of America he was just another guy in the south who saw an unidentified flying object. Okay so he wasn't just some guy. Carter was running for governor of Georgia at the time, a moment when one might not want to tell everyone that they saw an alien drive-by.

Unlike many UFO sightings, Carter's interaction with a possible extra terrestrial has quite a bit of research around it so we'll be able to figure out what Carter saw and if he actually had an alien interaction.

The object was bright like the moon

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On one evening in 1969, Carter was pumping himself up to give a speech at a local Lion's Club. Around 7:15 pm, Carter was alerted to an object in the sky just above the horizon to the west. According to Carter the object was bright white like the moon in the middle of the night. The object moved in towards Carter but stopped above a gore of pine trees before changing color from white to blue to red, then back to white before taking off into the night.