10 Heartbreaking Things You Didn't Know About The Beatles' Final Performance

By Sarah Norman | June 28, 2023

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On January 30, 1969, about three months after the release of the White Album, the Beatles climbed onto the roof of Apple Records to play a set of nine songs in under and hour. The performance was captured for the film Let It Be, but shortly after the performance John Lennon and Paul McCartney parted ways forever, and the band was no more. The performance wasn’t meant to be on the band’s roof; prior to walking up there with a camera crew the band tried to gin up a show -- their first since 1966 -- but when that failed to come to fruition the rooftop show was a means to an end. 

The Beatles Hated Being Around One Another But They Really Hated Paul McCartney

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To get ready for the show at the Roundhouse, the band started rehearsing at Twickenham Film Studios. They were flanked by Lindsay-Hogg’s film crew, but rather than work out a set they just bickered in front of the cameras. The biggest problem was that The Beatles -- a group of very famous and wealthy people -- had to get up early to make rehearsals. Twickenham was a strict union space which meant that they were only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. That didn’t fly for guys who wanted to stay out and having a good time.