Why Did All These Icons Die At The Age Of 27? Secrets Of The "27 Club"...

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Rudy Lewis allegedly overdosed in his Harlem hotel room 

Source: Rhino/Atlantic

Rudy Lewis, vocalist of  “The Drifters” was found dead in a Harlem hotel room May 21, 1964. The very same day the famed Rhythm and Blues group was scheduled to record beloved classic, “Under The Boardwalk.” No official autopsy was ever performed on Lewis but officials ruled his death an overdose. The following day, "The Drifters" recorded "I Don't Want To Go On Without You" as a tribute to Lewis. 

Malcolm Hale was killed by his own space heater

Source: Find A Grave

In October of 1968, Malcolm Hale of “Spanky And Our Gang,” died of carbon monoxide poisoning from his own space heater randomly enough. Malcolm’s heater (which did turn out to be faulty) had given him bronchitis, which only exacerbated things. The bronchitis paired with a poorly ventilated bedroom and the release of carbon monoxide claimed the life of the 27-year old lead guitarist. The band disintegrated after his death, Malcolm was the linchpin of the group.

Brian Jones may have been murdered 

Brian Jones. Source: Rolling Stone

The former “Rolling Stone” left this world and joined the 27 club in 1969. After mixing pills with alcohol he drowned in a swimming pool. The coroner's report labeled it "death by misadventure” but many were unsatisfied with the official story. Author Terry Rawlings claimed the whole thing was a murder cover up and pointed the finger at contractor Frank Thorogood. Tensions were high between the two and Thorogood allegedly confessed to the murder on his deathbed.