What In The World Happened To The Cast Of Batman?

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The original live-action Batman television series aired in 1966 and only ran for three seasons. The show was brimming with colorful wardrobes, elaborate sets and props, upbeat music, and characters that can be best described as bonkers. 

Pictured here is Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, Adam West as Batman, and Burt Ward as Robin. Source: Pinterest

The show's campy, tongue-in-cheek style and over the top acting secured its place as a classic. A memorable element to the show was its climactic fight scenes. During which, sound effects like "POW!", "BAM!", "ZONK!" would appear on bright cards like comic book panels.

As the show neared the end of the third season ABC canceled it because ratings were steadily dropping. NBC agreed to pick it up but someone actually sabotaged hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of their sets. NBC didn’t feel it was worth the rebuild and that was the end of the show. Take a look at what the cast has been up to since. 

Cesar Romero was the (mustached) Joker

Source: Pinterest

Cesar Romero played one of Batman's most infamous Villains, The Joker. As if the character signature makeup and flashy wardrobe weren't enough comma Cesar Romero refused to shave his mustache for the part so the makeup was piled on top of it. His mustache could be seen right through the makeup, it added yet another fabulously cheesy layer to the Joker’s whole look. 

Cesar Romero retired from acting in the late 1990s

Source: Wikimedia

By the late 1990s, Cesar Romero had completely stopped acting, no one really knew why. He also never married or had any children, often described as a “confirmed Bachelor.” Many speculated about his sexuality but he always had a beautiful woman on his arm. His dates included actresses like Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, and Joan Crawford, Linda Darnell, and Barbara Stanwyck. He died from complications of a blood clot in January 1994.