Warren Beatty's List Of Lovers

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Warren Beatty, the Hollywood playboy spent decades bedding every woman he came into contact with. He was notorious for dating his co-stars, picking up random women, and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him. Before finally settling down with Annette Bening, that is. 

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Warren had a conqueror's bravado and was perpetually ensconced in women. He made no attempt to hide all his little indiscretions, everyone knew, it was almost a joke. Woody Allen once said in jest that he’d like to be reincarnated as Warren’s fingertips. The icon used to keep a list of his paramours and by the sound of things, he may have needed to upgrade to a scroll. Take a look at some of the famous ladies who were seduced by the legendary lothario. 

Joan Collins

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Warren Beatty’s long string of famous lovers began with Joan Collins in 1960. Before her, his relationships were low profile. The relationship was serious, she got pregnant, they were engaged but she ended up getting an abortion and the couple fell apart. She wrote a tell-all autobiography back in 1978 that spills all the juicy details.


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By 1962, Beatty had gotten over Joan and moved on to Cher. It wasn’t a relationship, just a pre-Sonny fling before she was even famous. Cher was only 16-years old at the time and Beatty was 25 and was already involved with Natalie Wood. According to Cher, her rendezvous with Beatty only happened because everyone she knew was crazy about him and she was (briefly) starstruck.