Vintage Ads That Would Never Be Allowed Today

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Smoking for two

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Oh yes, you read that correctly, "People are always telling me that smoking causes low birth weight. Talk about a win-win-win!" Because smoking was apparently a smart way for expecting mothers to slim down their newborns to ensure an easy labor. Who needs prenatal vitamins when you can puff on a Winston? 

Smoke, don't scold!

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It’s hard to decide which aspect of this ad is more disturbing. The use of a baby in a cigarette advertisement or the implications of possible child abuse towards said baby if his/her mother doesn’t have a smoke to calm herself down. Just a few puffs will quiet even the most hysterical of women. That's the miracle of Marlboro. 

Parenting getting to you? Get blasted on Blatz instead

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Just in case chain smoking doesn't do the trick, a case of Blatz Beer will improve the parenting skills of young mothers everywhere. What this ad means by "obviously baby will participate in its benefits" is open to interpretation. Just how exactly will 'baby' be participating? Is baby drinking it too or merely enjoying the peace once mommy passes out?