Vintage Ads That Would Never Be Allowed Today

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Oh, what fun it is to flip through Vintage ads. Chuckling at their wildly inappropriate slogans, sexist imagery, and absurd products that were sometimes downright dangerous–for you and your children. 

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They are interesting slices of history though, because they give you a real idea of what their era of origin was like. The things people thought were good for them, what they considered appropriate behavior, and how they brought up families. You can look back and be grateful you don’t live in a world where babies drink soda, women never leave the kitchen, and Grove’s Chill Tonic is still on shelves. 

The judging never stops 

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Advertisements had an uncanny ability to make women feel incompetent. Constantly judging them about every little thing they do, say, and wear. Not to mention all the fear-mongering with all the imagery of husbands walking out on them. Here we have Joan. Even Joan’s undergarments are gossiping about what a smelly, unhygienic pig she is. Everyone notices, why doesn’t she? 

Pretty good, aren't they?

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To ensure the best possible experience (for men) on Eastern Airlines in the 1970s, stewardess were held to insane standards. None of which had any real impact on their ability to perform the tasks required. “Sure, we want her to be pretty … That’s why we look at her face, her make-up, her complexion, her figure, her weight, her legs, her grooming, her nails, and her hair. But we don’t stop there...” 

Yes, please stop there.