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Carolyn Jones (Queen Hippolyta), Debra Winger (Wonder Girl) and Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), 1976.

Source: Reddit

Here we have Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Carolyn Jones as Queen Hippolyta, and Debra Winger as Wonder Girl back in 1976. From 1975 to 1979 Linda Carter was the first mainstream female superhero and quickly became a household name. She rocked her sex appeal and her character’s incredible strength and abilities and her fame skyrocketed all the way to pop icon status. 

Even after her Wonder Woman days were over, she hardly retired her superhero cape. Lynda continued her battle for justice off-screen as an advocate for LGBT rights and eventually, she also joined efforts in finding the cure for cancer. Today she’s still the same strong, beautiful, actress and philanthropist that she was back in the groovy era. 

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