"The Brady Bunch" Star Cast - Then And Now

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The Brady Bunch originally aired on September 26, 1969, and ran to March 8, 1974. The popular sitcom revolved around an abnormally large blended family. It all started when a lovely lady met a man named Brady, each already had three kids of their own. Despite the certain chaos and absurd grocery bills, they just knew they had to become the Brady Bunch. 

Pictured here is the original intro for The Brady Bunch. Source: Pinterest

Apparently, their hunch was right, The Brady Bunch regularly made top ten in the Nielsen Ratings during the first four seasons. It has spawned many made-for-TV-movies, specials, and several sequel series. It’s been decades since the Brady clan concluded their initial five-season run, here’s a look at what the cast has been up to since. 

Ann Davis Played Alice Nelson

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Ann Davis portrayed Alice Nelson, the Brady family's kooky but lovable housekeeper known for her self-deprecating jokes, always met with an “Oh Alice!” Alice lives in the Brady home and is involved in a relationship with 'Sam the Butcher', who she often fantasizes about marrying.  

Ann Davis passed away in 2014

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Davis stayed for the show’s full run from 1969 to 1974. She returned to the role for spinoff shows, The Bradys, and The Brady Brides as well as various Brady Bunch TV-movies over the years. She spent much of the 1990’s doing theater work, most prominently, Arsenic and Old Lace and Crazy For You. Sadly, Ann Davis fell in her bathroom and suffered from a subdural hematoma. She died as a result on June 1, 2014.