Star Wars - Untold Secrets And Stories (Finally) Revealed

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Star Wars is one franchise that will never die. Ever since the first movie came out in 1977, the series has only gotten more and more popular. During that time, a few fun, scandalous and weird stories about the stars came to light. We promise these aren't Jedi mind tricks. Here are some Star Wars secrets and untold stories.

Alec Guinness Earned Over $95 Million from a New Hope

Although Alec Guinness was very outspoken about not being pleased with being associated with the star wars franchise, his role as Obi-Wan profited him greatly. It is ironic that the role he hated the most made him a very rich man.

Grand Moff Tarkin kept his feet comfortable

Actor Peter Cushing who played the role of Grand Moff Tarkin wanted to make sure he was super comfortable and that his feet didn’t get sore, so he wore slippers during the taping of the New Hope scenes. Just imagine it, standing next to Darth Vader in warm, fuzzy slippers. 

Sets built since 1977 are still in good shape

In 1976, George Lucas traveled to Tunisia to film the Tatooine scenes. Up to today the sets from filming A New Hope in 1976 are still out there in the desert in great condition. So if you ever wanted to feel like you're part of the Star Wars universe, you can take a nice trip to Tunisia.