Rockstars That Went From The Groupie Life To Family Life

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Bill Wyman (2016)

The famous playboy did settle down after all and married Susan Acosta (pictured above) in 1993. The 80 year old enjoys a quiet life with his wife and is battling prostate cancer.

Ringo Starr (1975)

In that year, Starr’s ten year marriage to the Beatles Manager, Maureen Cox came to an end. His repeated infidelities were cited as the reason for the divorce of the young couple.

Ringo Starr (2016)

The seventy five year old Starr is seen with his wife Barbara Bach. The two married in 1981 and celebrate thirty six years of marriage. In 2015, Starr said “There’s no escape, I think I love Barbara as much as I did when we met and I’m beyond blessed”.