Revisit Over 200 Beautiful Moments In American Culture Like We Have Never Seen Before

Written by Lyra Radford

Looking back through times past can be just as entertaining as it is comforting. Especially during the 1960s and 1970s, so much happened between those decades. We put a man on the moon, pop culture icons favorites were in their prime, and music actually meant something.

America gained and then tragically lost one of its most charismatic leaders, John F. Kennedy. We had the hippie movement and Woodstock. The rise of rock ‘n’ roll brought some of the most talented musicians in history out of the woodwork and redefined what it was to make music.

Here we've gathered some iconic memories, some whimsical and amusing while others are powerful and may even leave you speechless. Collected here are over 200 photographs of some of the most meaningful moments and people in American culture in a way you have never seen them before.

Catherine Bach - Daisy Duke - early 80's...groovy baby, yeah!

Source: Pinterest

Pictured here is a young Catherine Bach in the early '80s. She's donning a pair of pink shorts that are perfect for her iconic character Daisy Duke from the hit series Dukes of Hazzard.

Originally, the producers were looking for more of a Dolly Parton lookalike to fill the role (which Bach was not) but with those gams it didn't matter, she was hired on the spot anyway.

Bach is also responsible for Daisy Duke’s attire, the early idea was to have her in a tight white turtleneck, go-go boots, and a poodle skirt. But Bach went ahead and threw together a T-shirt, a pair of cut-off denim shorts, with some high heels, and the rest is history. The television series aired on CBS from January 26, 1979, to February 8, 1985. Interestingly enough, while starring on The Dukes of Hazzard, Bach had her legs insured for $1,000,000. 

Victoria Principal, 1974

Source: Pinterest

Pictured here is actress Victoria Principal best known for her long standing role as Pamela Ewing from 1978 to 1987 in the soap Opera Dallas. But around the time this photograph was taken she had recently finished The Naked Ape (1973) and in promotion of the film, she appeared nude in the September 1973 issue of Playboy.

Later in 1974, she cut off her waist length hair pictured here for an audition. She wanted to look more like the character “Rosa” in the disaster film Earthquake. So she chopped off her hair, dyed it black, and showed up to the audition with an Afro. She won the role.

She went on to a role in Aaron Spelling’s television series, Fantasy Island, and soon after that she landed her role on Dallas which earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 1983. She went on to star in and co-produce various made-for-television movies, in addition to launching her own beauty product line. 

Pam Grier aka Foxy Brown 1970s

Grier starred in a string of “blaxploitation” films back in the 1970s and was the first real female action star. Playing roles like “Foxy Brown,” “Sheba Shayne,” and “Jackie Brown” earned her the rating of second greatest female action heroine in film history.