Rare Photos Reveal The Simple Innocence Of The Most Fascinating People Of Our Past

Bill's belly laugh- Bill Murray with Jane Curtin checking out his belly art in Times Square in the late 70's.

Source: Pinterest

Pictured here is Jane Curtin “Queen of the Deadpan” not quite able to keep a completely straight face around her SNL co-star Bill Murray. And with that painted, protruding belly… who could? Their other co-star, Gilda Radner seems to be containing herself, only wearing mild amusement on her face as the belly button man gapes directly at her. This just may be the best photo of Bill Murray ever.

These original cast members laid the foundation of SNL and helped make it what it is today– iconic. Throughout the decades SNL has remained a tremendous talent farm. With a run spanning over three decades, it’s natural that SNL is where so many brilliant comedy stars got their start. And with writers like Tina Fey, Adam Sandler, and Eddie Murphy (among many, many other seasoned comedians writing for the show) it’s no wonder SNL is still going strong.