Rare Photos Of The Dapper And Dangerous Criminals Of The 1920's

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'Gaffney the Gunman' & Co.

Source: Can You Actually

These four hoodlums were Thomas Craig, Raymond Neil (otherwise known as “Gaffney the Gunman”), FW Wilson and William Thompson. This picture was taken after the gang were arrested by Chief Bill Mackay on a house at 74 Riley Street in Lower Darlinghurst.

The gang of thieves would serve a little time, but not much. They were out on the streets looking sharp again in no time.

Can You Tell His Personality Here?

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Some people have suggested that it's possible to be able to determine the person's character and personality merely by glancing at their mug shot. What do you think, can you tell a little about what this guy is about just from this picture?

Lookin' Sharp, Fellas

Source: Mozo Motors

We don't quite know who the guy in the middle is here, but the fellows flanking him? Well they are “Silent Tom” Richards and his pal Mr. T. Ross (who had the alias 'Walton'). This show shows the trio after getting busted by police way back in 1920. These guys show just how accurate Boardwalk Empire's costume design was, don't they?