Rare Photos Before They Were Famous

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Before they appeared on television, and their faces were plastered on billboards and magazines...their lives looked not much different than ours.  Long before money and fame became their normal, they were just ordinary people doing ordinary things. Eventually, they grew up to live the glamorous and most envied lives of celebrities. See these stars in photographs before they became famous.


At the age of 13, Cher, who is famous for the song ‘Strong Enough’, had her first public photo taken and it wasn’t a Polaroid; but a mug shot. She was arrested when she decided to ‘borrow’ her mother’s car and take it around the local drive-in theater. Guess she felt confident enough to do so, as she learnt to drive at the age of 11.

George Clooney

It is a family photo with little George sitting next to his sister Ada and his parents; Nick and Nina. Who knew that one day, George who is about to be a father himself, would grow up to be the spitting image of his father! 

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn, whose birth name is Norma Jean Dougherty, was photographed for a magazine called the Yank; an Army Weekly magazine. She was working on a drone at a radio plane munitions factory. The photographer suggested that Norma to apply for a modeling agency, which she did.