Lost Photos In Hollywood History 

Written by Lyra Radford

The glorious days of the groovy era were filled with some of the most beloved icons of all time but there are two sides to every coin. It’s easy to forget there are real people under all that glitz and glamour. Some of them came from poverty and some spent their entire youth working up on the screen instead of out being young. But escapism is what entertainment is all about. Not just for the audience but for the entertainer as well. Come escape and reminisce in this little trove of Hollywood history. 

I Think I Love You! Susan Dey had a deep, unrequited crush on David Cassidy during The Partridge Family 1970-74

Source: Pinterest

Poor Susan Dey, she was just too cute for her own good. She had an intense romantic interest in her onscreen brother David Cassidy while they worked on The Partridge Family together but Cassidy had no interest in her. Apparently, Dey’s crush and Cassidy's disinterest went deep enough for him to feel the need to publicly explain why he repeatedly rejected her advances. He said it was because she “lacked the slutty aspect of a female” that he desired (which is actually more of a compliment). Even worse he described her as the “sister he never had”. Cassidy admitted (again publicly) that even though he wasn't attracted to her, he eventually "gave in" and slept with her one time and regretted it immediately. Ouch!  Then he had the nerve to wonder why she stopped speaking to him... 

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