Jack Nicholson's List Of Lovers

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Melanie Griffith

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She's most famous for her relationships with Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas (not to mention being Dakota Johnson's mom and doing a little acting herself, of course). But Melanie Griffith was also romantically linked with Jack Nicholson when she was a young woman.

We mentioned Warren Beatty earlier as a swordsman to rival Jack Nicholson? Well, he also 'dated' Griffith for a time too. And for as brief a time as the About Schmidt star did. 

Janice Dickinson

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We know think of Janice Dickinson as that crazy woman from all those modelling shows, don't we? Old, wrinkly and with a thousand botched plastic surgeries under her belt, she's no prize. But years ago? She was a true beauty. Tall, elegant, striking, she was wanted by every man in the world.

Of course, Jack Nicholson turned on the charm and bagged her. It was 1983 and he was in a long-term relationship with Anjelica Huston. Not that things like that have ever really bothered ol' Jacky Boy.

Candice Bergen

Source: The Telegraph

Jack met Candice Bergen on the set of the 1971 movie by legendary director Mike Nichols, Carnal Knowledge. It was a true case of life imitating art too. Only in the movie, Jack's character Johnathan is a charmer who's good with the ladies. And he uses his powers of persuasion to bed Bergen.

Bergen had previously dated Henry Kissinger and Doris Day's son Terry Melcher. She, along with Jack Nicholson, was friends with Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate and both were caught up - to varying degrees - in the infamous Cielo Drive Manson Family murder.