Groovy Photos: Heartwarming Moments In History 

12 Year old Warwick Davis posing with Carrie Fisher while filming "Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi" in 1982.

Source: Reddit

This 1982 classic photo of a 12-year old Warwick Davis with Carrie Fisher was taken while filming "Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi".

The now 46-year-old actor has released several photos from those days and has paid tribute to Carrie. He went on Good Morning Britain and credited her with paving the way for strong female protagonists. After Fisher’s death, Davis reminisced about working with her and discussing her lasting impact on the film industry. On her performance,

According to Davis “Carrie seemed to embrace the character and embrace the notoriety that came along with playing such an iconic character like Princess Leia” he went on to say, “She really paved the way for other very strong leading ladies in movies.”