Groovy Photos: Heartwarming Moments In History 

Written by Lyra Radford

Much of history consists of conflict because unfortunately, there can be no change or real growth without it. But there is always room for compassion in there too, in fact, it's necessary. They are two sides of the same coin. Compassion, laughter, fond memories are extremely important in life, without compassion there is no incentive to grow in the first place–no inspiration. Compiled here are some of the more of the lighthearted moments in history. Iconic figures just starting out, happy children on the streets of Paris, and acts of transformation in Germany just after the Second World War. All these faces... inspiring. All these moments... heartwarming.

Two ways to rev up any guy, a cool engine and Michelle Pfeiffer in cut-off shorts.

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Pfeiffer's early acting career consisted of bit parts in films that didn’t achieve much critical or box office success: Falling in Love Again (1980) with Susannah York, The Hollywood Knights (1980), and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981).

Pfeiffer will be the first to tell you she had a long way to go, in fact, what she later said of her early work: "I needed to learn how to act... in the meantime, I was playing bimbos and cashing in on my looks."

She didn’t start to see much growth until she was cast in Scarface (1983) as cocaine-addicted trophy wife Elvira Hancock. A role which she almost lost out on because of her involvement in the flop of a film Grease 2.

After Scarface, an article in Vanity Fair titled "Blonde Ambition", summed up the direction Pfeiffer’s career was taking; "she is on the verge of stardom. In the parlance of the industry, she is hot".

A Pacific Southwest Airline flight attendant assisting a passenger in her standard uniform in 1973.

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The hiring standards for stewardesses back in the 1970s was insane. These women were held to extremely high beauty standards even though looks have nothing to do with one's ability to hand out snacks and pillows.  She had to be slim, pretty, well groomed and as can be seen in this photograph, she also had to dress like a go-go dancer. This may not seem like a positive image but looking back at how things were, illuminate just how far we've come. Sure sexism still exists, but great strides have been made and continue to make sure this kind of blatant exploitation of women doesn't happen in your average workplace. You certainly won't see this kind of attire on a stewardess today.  

Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Eddie Fisher attending a boxing match in New York, 1960

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Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher, the couple who sparked what’s known as Hollywood's great betrayal. Eddie Fisher was married to Liz Taylor’s best friend Debbie Reynolds when they began their affair. 

After Taylor’s husband, Mike Todd died in a plane crash, Fisher stepped in to comfort her. He walked out on Debbie and their kids, leaving her to raise them alone. Taylor’s reaction to it all was simply, “You can’t break up a happy marriage, I’m not taking anything away from Debbie Reynolds because she never really had it.”

Aerial view of a Pink Floyd concert in Venice, Italy (1989).

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When the band arrived in Venice back in 1989, they were met by over 200,000 Italian fans. They ended up performing on a floating platform in the middle of the Venetian lagoon. As can be seen in the photograph above, the crowds worked around St. Mark’s Square, filling in every space they could including in the adjoining Piazzetta, and waterfront Riva degli Schiavoni, and even front row seats from boats.

Angelina Jolie playing the guitar as a teenager in 1990.

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Pictured here is a young Angelina Jolie at a time in her life when her career was just budding. The young actress was staring in her brother's film school projects in the early 90's and by 1993 she had landed her first professional role in the low-budget film Cyborg 2. Soon after came the classic tech-thriller Hackers (1995), in which she had a leading role. After that, the parts just kept coming in and by the end of the 90's she was already an academy award winning actress for her performance in the drama Girl, Interrupted (1999).

Gene Simmons and Cher share an éclair in 1979.

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Pictured here is the queen of pop herself, Cher, sharing a cream puff with 'The Demon' of "Kiss", Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons has this photo hanging in his house

Her and Simmons dated for a time, that’s not to say they were monogamous. According to Cher, they shared more than just pastries. After describing their bond as “the best relationship I’ve ever had with a human being.” She admitted to going off with other men but only “for companionship. Gene is the only one I’m crazy about” she clarified.

The arrangement worked both ways, according to Cher, she felt his long tour schedule made it necessary for him to seek physical attention elsewhere. “Gene might spend time with another woman and stay the night, but he wants her to leave in the morning so he can get on with his day.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the gym, 1970's.

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Here we have a young, buff Arnold Schwarzenegger at the gym back in the 1970's. The now action-star and former governor of California, got his start in the spotlight as a professional bodybuilder (for obvious reasons). 

Arnold was raised in a very strict household so working hard and remaining disciplined are traits he priced up early in life. After wanting to move to the US since he was ten years old, his dream finally came true and he made the move at the age of twenty-one, despite still being relatively poor and speaking barely any English. Once the Austrian native made a name for himself as a bodybuilder in the next natural step was becoming one of the most sought-after action actors of the 90’s.

Princess Diana as a 19-year-old Kindergarten teacher in 1980.

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The Lady Diana Spencer was just 19-years old and working as a Kindergarten teacher when 32-year-old Prince Charles announced his intentions to marry her. She had known Prince Charles and his family her whole life. She is the daughter of the eighth Earl Spencer, who served as an officer in the royal household so they literally grew up together. In fact, she and Charles are actually 16th cousins once removed. So sweet, young “Shy Di,” as the British press loved to call her, grew up to become the Princess of Wales and one of the most adored women in the world.

Venice Beach was the place to roller skate in your swimsuit back in the 80's.

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The boardwalks of Venice Beach, California were constantly filled with the legendary roller babes throughout the seventies and eighties. Even the biggest disco queens would roll out of bed before sundown to battle their hangover and go "bootin” down the strip. By 1979 the mayor of Los Angeles declared Venice Beach “the rolling skating capital of the world.”

Marilyn Monroe, 1957. Wow!

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Marilyn Monroe is one of the biggest pop-icons in history. Although the Presidential mistress was often typecast as a “dumb blonde”, she went on to become the embodiment of sexuality in the 1950s. She was beautiful, stylish, and died far too young and under suspicious circumstances.

Despite her seemingly overt outgoing nature as a woman, she was actually very shy as a child and still suffered from deep bouts of insecurity as an adult. She was such a nervous child that she developed a stutter, which she never fully got rid of. She was eventually able to mask it thanks to dictation lessons provided by studio vocal coaches.

Audrey Hepburn striking a pose on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

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Audrey Hepburn, the doe-eyed British actress who starred in Breakfast at Tiffany's and became a film and fashion icon seemingly overnight. Over the years, Hepburn began appearing in fewer films and devoting more time to the United Nations Children's Fund. She became a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF and worked in some of the poorest communities in Africa, South America, and Asia. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of her efforts.

Clint Eastwood, right after delivering one of the greatest monologues in the history of film, 1971.

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Pictured here is Clint Eastwood, in "Dirty Harry", right after delivering what became one of the greatest monologues in film history.

Between the years of 1954 and the 1960s, Clint had minor roles in numerous films and TV shows and was often uncredited. It wasn’t until the 70’s that his work finally received major and positive reviews. He had another turning point in 1971 when he made his debut as a director for the film Play Misty for Me; the New York Post praised his performance and skills as a director. 

Farrah Fawcett (1969)

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Pictured here is a bright-eyed Farrah Fawcett. Strutting through the 1970s as one of Charlie’s Angels not only cemented her sex-icon status in Hollywood history, but it also earned her four Emmys and six Golden Globe Awards nominations. In addition to every woman in the U.S. begging stylists for “Farrah hair,” it seems every man in the country was pretty obsessed with her too. And her iconic swimsuit poster became the best-selling pin-up poster in history! 

12 Year old Warwick Davis posing with Carrie Fisher while filming "Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi" in 1982.

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This 1982 classic photo of a 12-year old Warwick Davis with Carrie Fisher was taken while filming "Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi".

The now 46-year-old actor has released several photos from those days and has paid tribute to Carrie. He went on Good Morning Britain and credited her with paving the way for strong female protagonists. After Fisher’s death, Davis reminisced about working with her and discussing her lasting impact on the film industry. On her performance,

According to Davis “Carrie seemed to embrace the character and embrace the notoriety that came along with playing such an iconic character like Princess Leia” he went on to say, “She really paved the way for other very strong leading ladies in movies.”

Serena and Venus Williams with former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy in 1990.

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Pictured here are little Venus and Serena Williams posing with former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy. This photo was taken at a Nancy Reagan Tennis Event on Oct. 6, 1990. This was at just the budding stages of what would become the Williams sisters’ career.

Both Venus and Serena Williams grew up to be highly successful professional tennis players after having trained from an early age with their parents Richard Williams and Oracene Price.

Deep Purple hit ‘Smoke on the Water’ was inspired by a Swiss fire that burned down a concert hall.

Source: Wikipedia

The fire which inspired the “Deep Purple” hit took place in Montreux, Switzerland on December 4, 1971. The fire broke out during a show at the Montreux Casino forever linking it to rock history. The concert was Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and about 80 minutes in, someone shot off a flare gun. It hit the wooden roof and began to spread rapidly.

Zappa warned everybody to calmly make their way to the exits and the staff helped escort people out. "They were very organized," Zappa said in an interview shortly after. "I was just lucky that many of [the fans] were able to speak English because I didn't know what to say to them in French." 

On your mark, get set, go spray and tease that hair!! Sporting beehive hair do's (or don'ts) back in 1964 while running a race.

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It was during the spring of 1964, that Sports Illustrated decided to mix things up a bit on their covers. On April 20th, they went from the same old to these lovely beauties with their big hair blown out, in full faces of makeup, crouched in sprint positions and ready to rock. Janis Rinehart (foreground), Paula Walter (middle), and Jeanne Ellison were the very first female track athletes in the U.S. to land the cover– and their look was not just for the lens.

These women were part of the Texas Track Club, a small group of young female sprinters who used style as a way to get others excited about the sport. Of course, their opponents always mocked and underestimated them, but they were no joke.

They were pioneers in women's track, they helped make it popular. After landing that cover, their number of male spectators (with binoculars) reached new heights. They were good, their flash brought people in, but their abilities and sportsmanship kept them coming. 

Diane Lane and director Francis Ford Coppola on the set of Rumble Fish. (1982)

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Pictured here are Diane Lane and director Francis Ford Coppola on the set of Rumble Fish. Rumble Fish came out back in 1983 and is based on the novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton. The story follows the relationship dynamic between Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke), a former gang leader who has changed his ways and his feisty teen brother, Rusty James (Matt Dillon), who wants the gang life. 

Diane Lane, who Andy Warhol once proclaimed as, "the undisputed female lead of Hollywood's new rat pack," played the role of Patty, the girlfriend of Rusty James. Patty is portrayed as one tough cookie, having once gone after a girl with a broken bottle because she got flirty with Rusty James.

Photograph of Twiggy in 1970.

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Lesley Lawson, more commonly known as Twiggy (derived from her slim figure) was pretty much the first supermodel and was dubbed "The Face of 1966." She also had a singing and acting career but modeling is where she would really shine. 

She signed to a modeling contract as a teenager; her wide-eyed innocence, bobbed hair, and miniskirts culminated in the look of the swinging sixties. She stayed in fashion and entertainment her entire career and aged extremely well. She went on to launch her own line, the "Twiggy London" collection and she remains on the forefront of fashion today. 

Dolly Parton lookalike contest, 1979.

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Now, as creepy and somewhat alarming as this moment from 1979 is, this nor any other Dolly Parton lookalike contest will ever compare to the one Dolly herself entered and lost to a male drag queen.

The Country Music icon explained, "They had a bunch of Chers and Dollys that year, so I just over-exaggerated: made my beauty mark bigger, the eyes bigger, the hair bigger, everything," she said, laughing. "All these beautiful drag queens had worked for weeks and months getting their clothes. So I just got in the line and I just walked across, and they just thought I was some little short gay guy... but I got the least applause."

Elton John performing in Central Park dressed as Donald Duck, 1980.

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It's no secret that Sir Elton John has always had a flair for theatrics. So naturally, when costume designer offered a custom Donald Duck outfit for his 1980 Central Park gig, he readily accepted.

The concert was massive, over 400,000 people filled New York's Central Park to watch Elton John and his band perform for two-plus hours. It was one of the biggest shows of his career and yet, all most people vividly remember is the duck suit.

Everybody say Cheese. Richard Pryor, David Letterman, Robin Williams and a lady all smiling for the camera.

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Pictured here are Richard Pryor, David Letterman, Robin Williams. These fellow comedians were longtime friends. Williams loved helping out other comics when he could, especially those just starting out. This is why he got Letterman a job on Mork & Mindy, even though Letterman felt he had no business on the show.

"I met him at the Comedy Store [in Los Angeles], he and I were kids… we wanted to make people laugh… In those days we were working for free drinks…” Letterman later reminisced.

Pryor also hung out at the comedy store on Sunset when he first moved out to Los Angeles back in the seventies. That’s where he met Williams.

Golden Girl - Shirley Eaton being covered in gold paint for her role in the James Bond film Goldfinger in 1964.

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As if being completely covered in gold paint for a James Bond film wasn’t enough to achieve legendary status, an urban legend about actress Shirley Eaton also spun from this iconic role.

People were actually saying (and believing) that Eaton died on set from asphyxiation due to the gold paint, (just like her character in the movie). Obviously, body paint doesn't suffocate you and Shirley Eaton is still very much alive today. She even and appeared in an episode MythBusters in 2003 to finally debunk the myth once and for all.

Harrison Ford & Steven Spielberg between takes (1980).

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Pictured here are legendary director Steven Spielberg and actor Harrison Ford between takes on the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark back in 1980. 

Star Wars, Witness, Patriot Games, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, American Graffiti…. Harrison Ford has certainly scored some epic roles throughout his extensive career and he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Having just finished up with Blade Runner 2049 and yet another Indiana Jones project. The future of Ford appears to be brimming with large-budget, action-packed hits (as usual). 

Jaclyn Smith and Penny Marshall, Battle of the Network Stars, February 1977.

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Pictured here are Jaclyn Smith and Penny Marshall, on Battle of the Network Stars, playing for team ABC in February of 1977.

The series aired on ABC but featured teams of TV stars from all three major networks competing against each other in sporting events. ABC, CBS, and NBC would gather their teams, choose a team leader and let the games commence.

Regular occurring events included swimming, kayaking, volleyball, golf, tennis, outdoor bowling, cycling, running, and 3-on-3 football There was also the baseball dunk, the obstacle course and a game of "Simon Says".

Jeff Bridges sported a Grizzly Adams look in the 70's.

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This Grizzly Adams look Jeff Bridges rocks with pride secured his spot on the Best-Known Celebrity Beards List (yes that’s a real thing). Bridges has always embraced his facial hair at varying lengths over the years. Who could forget his Grizzly Adams of the 1970s, his disheveled Big Lebowski beard of the late 90’s, or the intense Bridges beard circa 2010 in "True Grit." Oh and let us not forget that time he went full Santa Claus and grew that exceptionally fluffy white puff across the front of his face. He’s no ZZ Top but his beard fame is well-deserved. 

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana at the 1985 White House State Dinner.

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It was 1985 when President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy hosted a White House gala dinner in honor of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was there this iconic photograph of movie star John Travolta and the beloved Princess Diana twirling across the dancefloor at this prestigious event.

Americans fascinated with the Royals', they followed their every move. When they first touched down on American soil, there were around 4,000 people at the airport just hanging out, hoping to catch a glimpse of the glamorous couple getting off the plane. Needless to say, this photo of the world’s favorite Princess and heartthrob of the time Travolta, immediately became pop culture gold.

Joni Mitchell ~1970.

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Joni Mitchell went from singing in small nightclubs in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to becoming one of the most important and influential female recording artists of the late 20th century.

She drew influences from various sources: folk, pop, rock and even jazz. Her lyrics often reflected social and environmental ideals as well as giving voice to a wide range of complex inner emotions. It’s no wonder she received so many accolades throughout her career, including 9 Grammy Awards.

Kids flirting, Paris, c. 1949.

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This charming photograph was taken on the streets of Paris in 1949 by Brassaï, the Hungarian–French photographer, writer, and filmmaker. In 1924, Halasz moved to Paris in 1924 and took a job as a journalist but he loved the city so much he’d often wander late at night, which is what led to his photography.

He was able to use his photos to supplement his articles for additional money, but eventually published entire collections on their own–The first of which was in 1933, entitled Paris de Nuit (Paris by Night). He rose to international fame in the 20th century and he is said to be one of few artists in Paris that were able to flourish between the World Wars.

Led Zeppelin performs at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco California... (June 2, 1973).

Source: Wikipedia

Led Zeppelin consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. The band's long-form songs with heavy, guitar-driven sound led to them being cited as one of the progenitors of heavy metal. They drew their unique style drew from a wide variety of genres including blues, psychedelia, and folk music. Although they were initially unpopular with critics their fame grew exponentially, with their song "Stairway to Heaven", now among the most influential works in rock music history. 

Marilyn Monroe during a morale visit to the troops in the midst of the Korean War; 1954

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Sex icon of the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe, hopped a plane and flew to Korea in February of 1954 to entertain American troops. After having just returned from her honeymoon with new husband Joe DiMaggio she was ready to get back to work. The newlyweds had been in Japan when Monroe detoured to the Daegu Air Force Base. 

Monroe spent the following four days on a whirlwind tour of American military bases. She put on 10 shows for an estimated 100,000 servicemen. Later Monroe revealed it was a welcomed break from tensions with her highly jealous new hubby and that the tour also helped her overcome all lingering stage fright she still had left.

"[The trip] was the best thing that ever happened to me. I never felt like a star before in my heart. It was so wonderful to look down and see a fellow smiling at me."

Meryl Streep in the 1970's.

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Pictured here is a young Meryl Streep, back in the 1970s. This was around the time she made her film and stage debut and she’s been stunning audiences ever since. It seems she just doesn't have a bad performance in her, even in recent years she’s had numerous hits on her hands. The Devil Wears Prada, Into the Woods, and she currently has three films in the works: The Papers, currently in post-production and releasing this year. Mary Poppins Returns is also in post-production, but not coming out until 20118. And Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! Which will also be released in 2018.

Michael J Fox posing with his cat for a photo shoot in 1988.

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Family Ties, Teen Wolf, the Back to the Future trilogy… the ‘80s was a great time for the career of young Michael J. Fox. He kept acting in the 1990s, from 1996 to 2002 he was on ABC’s hit political comedy series Spin City as Mike Flaherty. He also appeared on shows like Boston Legal, Scrubs, and Rescue Me. In 2010, Fox took on a recurring role in The Good Wife.  

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney washing dishes in 1983.

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In the McCartney household, it was an I cook, you clean kind of arrangement for the couple. Pictured here is King of Pop Michael Jackson, helping his pal Paul with his chores. Unfortunately, the two friends had a falling out not long after this was taken.

Sadly, Jackson bought ATV, the company that owned the rights to 251 Beatles songs and McCartney couldn’t afford to buy them back. As McCartney explained, "The trouble is I wrote those songs for nothing and buying them back at these phenomenal sums … I just can't do it."

The former Beatle told the New York Post, "I wrote [Jackson] a couple of letters and I said, 'Michael, don't you think that — even if I was just a writer on the payroll — after 30 years of being reasonably successful to this company that you now own, don't you think I could have a raise?” Jackson's reaction was "Oh Paul, that's just business." According to McCartney, "He won't even answer my letters, so we haven't talked and we don't have that great a relationship."

Muhammad Ali pretending to be knocked down in a playful sparring match with Tom Jones in 1980.

Source: Reddit

It was July 1980 in the borough of Deer Lake Pennsylvania when this photo was taken. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., better known as Muhammad Ali, the greatest American boxers of all time got gloved up to face singer Tom Jones (of all people) in a mock sparring session.

Ali took a dive to the canvas so long-term friend and former manager Gene Kilroy could snap this now iconic still. The photo was later used in the 2014 documentary film, I Am Ali.

Ali was a huge Tom Jones fan and the two men developed a friendship that lasted the span of more than 30 years.

Pablo Picasso and his daughter, Paloma (1957).

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Pictured here is famed artist Pablo Picasso with a little Paloma Picasso who is now a famous artist in her own right. She grew up to be quite the fashion designer and businesswoman. She’s best known for her signature perfumes and exquisite jewelry designs for Tiffany & Co.

Following the loss of her father in 1973, she briefly lost interest in designing and took a hiatus. During which she experimented with acting. She played Countess Erzsébet Báthory in the Polish erotic film, Immoral Tales. She received praise from critics, no one could stop talking about her beauty but she hasn’t acted since.

Paul Newman, 1958.

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Award-winning actor Paul Newman was also a director, producer, philanthropist, and race car driver. The IndyCar owner was colorblind, but he didn’t let that deter his love for motorsports. As old ‘cool hand’ once explained, auto racing was "the first thing that I ever found I had any grace in". 

His impressive film credits include title characters in The Hustler (1961) and Cool Hand Luke (1967), as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), as Butch Cassidy, The Sting (1973), and The Verdict (1982). Newman has won and was nominated for numerous awards. He took home an Academy Award for his performance in The Color of Money (1986), a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Cannes Film Festival Award, and an Emmy Award… just to name a few.

Polish actress Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass holding a leopard cub, late 1950s early 1960's.

Source: Reddit

This adorable vintage photograph features the lovely Polish actress, Barbara Lass cuddling up with a gorgeous leopard cub. Barbara was raised in the Polish countryside but chose the glamorous life of a Hollywood actress after winning a competition called "Piekne dziewczyny na ekrany" ("Pretty Girls onto the Screens").

As part of the main prize, she landed the title role of "Ewa Bonecka" in the comedy Eve Wants to Sleep in 1958. It was during the filming that she met Roman Polanski, whom she later married. She left Poland in the 1960s, decided to go by the name Barbara Lass, and soon she was starring in major films. 

Puppy love Fred Savage and a cute puppy on the set of The Wonder Years. (1989)

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Pictured here is The Wonder Years star, Fred Savage cuddling his co-star for Season 3 episode 13, “The Powers That Be”. Or as it’s more commonly known as, "The Puppy Episode". In it, Kevin's grandfather pays the Arnold family a visit and decides to give Kevin a puppy. Of course he didn’t actually clear this living, breathing gift with Kevin’s parents so naturally tensions rise, family drama ensues, and lessons are learned. As per usual in The Wonder Years.

The Wonder Years pushed the boundaries of the sitcom format and utilized an entirely new mode of storytelling". Throughout the course of its run, the series won an impressive 22 awards and was nominated for an astounding 54 more.

Robert De Niro on the set of Raging Bull, 1980.

Source: Reddit

De Niro's first film was Brian De Palma's The Wedding Party, which was shot in 1963 and released in 1969. It got his face out and helped secure the collaboration with Martin Scorsese, which is what really launched his career. In 1973 he was playing the small-time criminal Johnny Boy in Scorsese’s Mean Streets and by 1974 he landed a pivotal role of young Vito Corleone in the Francis Ford Coppola film The Godfather Part II. His performance earned him his first Academy Award, for Best Supporting Actor. De Niro is still out there acting at an impressive rate, proving he can kill it in any genre. 

Robin Williams having a laugh after taping an episode of SNL with his then-wife Valerie in 1983. RIP

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Pictured here is comedy legend Robin Williams having a laugh with his then-wife Valerie, just after taping an episode of SNL back in 1983. Valerie Velardi was the first of three wives for comedic actor Robin Williams. She is also the mother of his oldest son, Zachary Pym Williams. Their marriage certainly did not end on a high note, as Williams found himself caught between his wife of nine years and the nanny she hired to help take care of their son. Needless to say, the couple divorced. 

German Schoolgirl in an Allied-occupied Germany, Circa 1945

Source: Rand.org

This vintage schoolhouse picture was taken in by Henry Burroughs in Berlin Germany, on September 29, 1945. It features a German schoolgirl writing on the blackboard during an English lesson. Her school was one of over 200 schools that were being maintained by the allied occupational government in the American sector of the German capital. Maintaining institutions of education was a standard for post-conflict nation-building.

The efforts put into rebuilding and transforming both Germany’s and Japan’s social, political, and economic systems after WWII has not been matched since. As of 1989, policy states societies should be “encouraged to transform themselves.”

Sean Connery and Rowan Atkinson, 1983.

Source: Reddit

Pictured here are actors Sean Connery and Rowan Atkinson, back in the 1983 James Bond movie Never Say Never Again. In this second adaptation of Ian Fleming's creation, (the first being in 1965 of the same name), Connery played the role of James Bond for the seventh and final time.

Appropriately enough, the storyline features an aging Bond brought back into the fold to investigate the theft of two nuclear weapons by SPECTRE. Connery was 52 at the time of filming, and it marked his return to character after taking a 12-year hiatus once wrapping up the film Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. 

Solar eclipse viewers on the Empire State Building in 1932.

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While this image does feel a little “film set-ish” it is an actual photograph of real-world people gathered on the observation deck of the Empire State Building back in 1932. They wanted to watch the of August 31, 1932, and there really is no better spot in New York City to do so. As you can see, the skywatchers are all dressed up for the event, even sporting hats and ties... or perhaps people were just always better dressed back then. In lieu of the proper solar-safe specs, you see many of the viewers squinting at the sun through a protective film. 

Sorority Sisters (Tri-Deltas), University of Texas, 1944.

Source: Reddit

Seventy-three years ago, when we were at the height of the Second World War. It was 1944, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, and much of America’s male youth was overseas. So at this point, girls literally ruled the schools. The number of women attending college was climbing steadily and back in Austin, at the largest university in Texas, sorority houses had never been so alive. With the war causing class sizes to dwindle admissions offices were recruiting females like never before.

Stevie Ray Vaughan in 1990.

Source: Reddit

Pictured here is the legendary musician Stevie Ray Vaughan, who, in spite of a fairly short-lived mainstream success before his untimely death, managed to become one of the most influential guitarists during the 1980s blues revival.

Vaughan was inspired by both, American and British blues-rock. He was meticulous and tended to favor clean amplifiers with high volume, and often combined several different amplifiers together and used effects pedals sparingly. He was crisp

Guitar World’s Chris Gill described Vaughan's guitar tone as “dry as a San Antonio summer and as sparkling clean as a Dallas debutante, the product of the natural sound of amps with ample clean headroom.”

Vaughan received several music awards during his lifetime and posthumously including earning six Grammy Awards, ten Austin Music Awards, and he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2000. Then in 2014, he was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. He ranks as the twelfth greatest guitarist of all time according to Rolling Stone.

Thai women sporting the beehive hairdo in Amsterdam in 1963.

Source: Reddit

Women rocked some pretty big hair back in the 1960s, styles which became symbolic of social change. The bouffants and pompadours that had previously reigned were replaced by edgier looks like the beehive, the bombshell, and mop tops. Even men were craving a change and began opting for longer hairstyles and afros.

The Beatles acting as a backing band for a singer at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, 1962.

Source: Reddit

Having just formed two years prior in 1960, the Beatles were still a relatively small rock band but were making significant headway. They decided to play the “underground club scene” and embarked on several mini-tours in and around Britain. Sure we all know they went on to become one of the biggest rock bands in the world… they even coined their own term for the condition their very special breed of mega fans suffered from; "Beatlemania". It is heartwarming to see them back before all the fame and madness kicked in, which was only just one short year after this photo was taken. 

The Garry Marshall Posse. Robin Williams, Ron Howard, Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, Henry Winkler and Pam Dawber (1979).

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Pictured here are some of television’s most beloved actors: Robin Williams, Ron Howard, Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, Henry Winkler and Pam Dawber back in 1979. Or as they can fondly be referred to, “The Garry Marshall Posse”.

Featured front and center here is television's own genius, the prolific producer-writer-actor-director Garry Marshall. Marshall has a legacy that is both long and rich and these actors shared a big chunk of it with him. Not only did he write for The Dick Van Dyke Show, but he also co-created favorites such as The Odd Couple, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Mork & Mindy.

He was the driving force behind family television comedies that were meant to make you happy, with simple and straightforward lessons. Marshall kept his shows warm, and full of wholesome fun and parents who always gave the best advice.

They're creepy and they're kooky...The Adams Family in 1964.

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The Addams Family only aired for two seasons on ABC from 1964, to 1966, for a total of 64 episodes. It was in direct competition with The Munsters on CBS, which ran for the same two seasons but secured higher Nielsen ratings. Both show feature close families with decidedly macabre interests.

The Addams Family consisted of the very wealthy Gomez Addams (John Astin), his wife and obsession Morticia, née Frump (Carolyn Jones); their daughter Wednesday (Lisa Loring), and their son Pugsley (Ken Weatherwax). Extended family included the odd Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan), and Grandma (Blossom Rock).

Their gloomy but ornate mansion on Cemetery Lane was attended by servants: Lurch (Ted Cassidy), the intimidating and towering butler, and Thing which was really just Cassidy’s hand.

Bathing beauty Audrey Hepburn. (1950)

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It would have been quite the scandal if anyone had found out back in the 1950s that Audrey Hepburn's parents were Nazi sympathizers.

Her father, Joseph, who abandoned her when she was very young was a member of the British Union of Fascists– as was her mother, Ella. After their divorce, Ella returned to Germany, attended Nuremberg rallies, and was even published in fascist magazine, The Blackshirt. Joseph ended up being investigated by the British House of Commons because the funds he received to launch a newspaper, had ties to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. He was declared an enemy of the state and was imprisoned for the duration of the war.

Of course, Audrey rejected her parents’ racist ideology and that makes her even more admirable than she was before these facts surfaced.

Bill Gates Mugshot (1977) taken in Albuquerque New Mexico after a traffic violation.

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So here we have a seemingly amused Bill Gates being photographed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico police department back in 1977. The details of the arrest are unknown but allegedly the co-founder of Microsoft was arrested for a traffic violation… sounds a bit off, but okay. He had already been arrested two years prior for speeding and driving without a license.  This time he still didn't have his license on him and he didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The look on his face pretty much sums up the ridiculousness of it all. Best of all, someone later noticed the outline of Gates' mugshot matches the photo outlines provided on various Microsoft applications. Which is even more amazing than that spiffy collar on his shirt.  

Bob Marley, Mick Jagger, & Peter Tosh June 1978.

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Here we have a snapshot of Bob Marley, Mick Jagger, and Peter Tosh hanging out backstage at a Rolling Stones concert held at the Palladium in New York on June 19th, 1978.

Tosh was a Jamaican reggae musician; he Bob Marley, and Bunny Wailer made up the core members of the band The Wailers (1963–1976). Tosh went on to establish himself as successful solo artist. Bob Marley as we all know, remains one of the biggest names in the Reggae genre. And Mick Jagger is still going strong and remains one of the biggest names in Rock music history.  

Bunny Yeager photographing Bettie Page with a pair of cheetahs (1954).

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Bunny Yeager was once a Pin-up girl herself, but she made her way behind the camera and ended up taking some of the most iconic and influential shots of the beautiful Bettie Page and Ursula Andress.

Bunny was the one who captured Page’s iconic Christmas photo– where she’s wearing nothing but a Santa hat, posed in front of the tree with a bauble in each hand. This was the shot Hugh Hefner made the centrefold of the Christmas 1954 edition of Playboy (dated January 1955).

Soon Bunny went on to photograph more Playmates for Hefner, including Lisa Winters, Marianne Gaba, Myrna Weber, Joyce Nizzari, Cindy Fuller and Sandra Settani. They all loved working with her, she made them feel comfortable posing for her. 

Cockney Pearly Kings and Queens from the East End of London in the 1960's.

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Pearly Kings and Queens, also known as the ‘other Royals”, are a charitable tradition of working-class culture in London, England. Donning colorful feathered hats and pearl button suits, these Pearlies work to help those in need.

It began when orphan turned street sweeper and rat catcher, Henry Croft decided to mimic the attire of other sales and tradesmen in the Victorian London marketplace. Croft made his own version of their attention-grabbing wardrobe– covering an entire three-piece suit and top hat with pearl buttons to attract would-be clients. It worked.

He ended up getting a lot of attention and was soon earning more than enough money to support himself. Instead of ferreting his money away, he began donating much of it to charity, helping to fund the London orphanage where he grew up. This tradition continued after his death. Croft appointed a Pearly King and Queen before he died and the Pearlies have continued handing down their titles and duties in each supsequent generation.

David Bowie's mugshot; he was charged with possession of marijuana in 1976.

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Music legend David Bowie got himself arrested while in upstate New York back in March of 1976. He was at a Rochester hotel after a concert with his friend Iggy Pop and two others when he got nabbed on a felony pot possession charge.

They only held him a few hours at the Monroe County jail before releasing him. This gem of a mugshot was actually taken by the Rochester Police Department three days after the arrest when Bowie appeared at City Court for arraignment.

Curls, Curls, Curls! Kenny G and Miles Davis with their curly do's back in the 80's.

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The only thing better than all that hair is the painfully obvious side-eye Miles Davis is shooting Kenny G’s way. The two musicians were on the road together for many months at a time, and according to Kenny G, Davis didn’t talk all that much but he did pull one over on him and taught Kenny G a big lesson.

They had two shows scheduled in one night at Lincoln Center. Kenny G was opening up for Davis. After the first show, Davis paid Kenny a visit and said, “Man that was great. You were great. I’m going to open for you second show.”

So there Kenny G was thinking he finally ‘made it’ but by the time he got his chance to go back out on that stage, there were only 100 people left out of the 3,000 in original attendance.

“That guy knew what he was doing. He just didn’t want to stay there late.” Kenny G later said. 

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